H&W Demolition


Lou Chandler, Sr.


About Our Company

H&W is a family owned and operated company with 100% women owned business status and DBE certification. We are licensed in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. We are also members of the National Demolition Association.  H&W has been in business for more than 45 years.  Our founder Lou Chandler Sr. came to Louisiana in the 1960s’ from Tennessee to start his own demolition company after working for his father’s demolition company for many years.  In 1995, Mr. Chandler sold his company to his daughter, Diane Chandler Moore.   Thereby passing on the business his father had taught him.  H & W Demolition, Inc. is now training its 4th generation demolition contractor, Diane’s daughter, Sherry Spinks, who is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors Degree of Architecture and her youngest son, Bailon Moore.


Our services include demolition of multi-story structures, selective structural demolition, complete interior demolition and selective interior demolition and on occasion, implosions.  A large percentage of our contracts are Military based.  Having Barksdale Air Force Base right here in our hometown allows us the opportunity to work with the Air Force, Army Corp and Navy.


               Over the years, our industry has changed considerably.   Demolition procedures and disposal methods continue to be updated.  H & W has kept up with these changes and continue to move forward with current technology and applications.  We recycle materials such as concrete, block, brick, asphalt, trees, building lumber and all metals. Our goal is to take as little as possible to the landfill.  We strive to perform a professional job in an efficient, safe and timely manner and in doing so, we have many repeat clients.